... And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you

Friedrich Nietzsche



Project Chromopolis is a series of video games for PC, Mac and Linux (with the aim of future development to a console) and it consists of 3 main parts:

  1. Crying is not enough,
  2. Chromopolis
  3. Chaos.
  • In essence, Chromopolis is a parallel world to ours where various happenings reminds us how our world has developed over the past years.
    The scenario is not at all linear but it attempts to connect part of the past and the future through multiple Flash back and Flash forwards.
    The trilogy aims to imitate and combine a series of facts that are produced as a result of human moral choices in different periods highlighting that mankind has always been responsible for his own fate.
    The planet of the trilogy world is divided in two divisions. The East and the West site while the two cities that host the counter camps are named after milestone events and characters of our own world.
    The trilogy aims to address the challenges that most people are facing today. Questions are generated about the routes of the financial crisis that impacts the whole planet.
    Was the world a better place before the crisis and if yet, then why did “crisis” happen?
    The trilogy takes place in a period of 100 years and it is evolving in countries of a fictitious world such as the Thatcher land (Today’s Great Bretagne) and Blessed Land (Today’s USA) .
    It describes in a sarcastic manner severe events such as the bankruptcy of Reagan Brothers (Lehman brothers).
    If Fukuyama was right, then why are the most mature economies of the world facing bankruptcy threats?
    There will be more information about Project Chromopolis, soon.
    Storyline Team, October 2013

    * The Timeline choice into Web is meant to present a series of facts that led into the era of the future world of Chromopolis. It is inspired from our today’s reality in the effort of announcing what is about to happen.

  • Seasons

    The Video Games of Project Chromopolis Trilogy.

    Season 1 - Crying is not Enough

    Crying is not Enough, is the first game of the Project Chromopolis Trilogy.

    Right now the game is under Developement.

    Season 2 - Chromopolis

    Coming Soon

    Season 3 - Chaos

    Coming Soon



    Crying is not Enough OFFICIAL WEBSITE is up and Working


    The website is up and wirking


    Crying is not Enough, is now under developement